"A tiny store on a dead end dirt road off the Internet Superhighway."
Servicing East Volusia County, Florida

Computer Broken or Slow ?
Let AJ Fix It.
Pick up a VIRUS or MALWARE ?

Let AJ Clean It Up.

  • Discrete Service within 24 hours, nights and weekends included.
  • Service in East Volusia starts at $35.-
  • Real AntiVirus installation - no additional charge.
  • Shopping service - get the most for your dollars.
    Let me help you find a reliable computer, TV, or other electronics that fit your needs, locally or on the web.
  • Setup your new computer, transfer files from your old one, even if the old one won't boot (as long as the hard drive still works).
  • DSL, Cable, Wireless Router, Network installation.
  • Software and Hardware installation and training.
  • Flat Screen TV Wall Mounting - I stock wall mount brackets. Metal stud drywall mounting is my speciality.
  • Audio and TV Surround Sound setup.
  • Web Pages and Web Hosting. Reasonable Rates.

  • Emergency? Try THIS.

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